Revive Shiatsu

Shiatsu with an MRSS Qualified Practitioner

The Treatment

Please bring or wear loose, comfortable clothing, preferably cotton eg loose sweatshirt, tracksuit, cotton socks.

Do not eat heavily 2 hours prior to a treatment.

Do not take alcohol before or after the treatment.

After, drink plenty of water to help ease changes in the system.

If possible, avoid strenuous or stressful activity in the hours after your treatment.

What to expect in a session

Shiatsu sessions take approximately an hour

The first consultation may take a little longer, the practitioner may ask about your health, any medical conditions, lifestyle and take a few confidential written notes.

Shiatsu generally takes place on a futon on the floor with the support of cushions. This can be adapted to a chair or massage table if necessary.

You remain fully clothed during the treatment. The practitioner may take an abdominal diagnosis and treat the meridians through the whole body. Techniques such as light rotations and stretches of limbs; thumb, palm and elbow pressure are used on energy meridians and acupressure points.

You are free and welcome to feedback during or after the session.

After the session you may rest for a short time to allow your body to process any changes.

Often a sense of invigoration or relaxation and well being is felt after a treatment, you may find you sleep well. Sometimes a deeper healing reaction may occur which will pass in a short time. This could be tiredness, an emotional reaction or a feeling of nausea as toxins flush out the system – this will generally pass quickly and greater well being felt as your body processes the change.

In the day or two following a Shiatsu it is worth noticing any changes or reactions which can be discussed with the practitioner at the next session.

Images of a client receiving shiatsu treatment