Revive Shiatsu

Shiatsu with an MRSS Qualified Practitioner

Maria Thiam BA (Hons), MRSS

MRSS - a member of the Register of the Shiatsu Society, the leading professional Shiatsu regulating organisation in the UK. All MRSS practitioners are fully qualified with a minimum of 3 years training. Ongoing professional development is also a requirement.

During my Psychology/Philosophy degree, I studied and became interested in the ways of life described in Eastern Philosophy. Later issues with my own back led to both the practice of Tai Chi and the receiving of Shiatsu treatments for my own health. Fascinated by the process, benefits and art of shiatsu, I completed my training at the Shiatsu College in Brighton. After having two children I set up a private practice in Brighton and Lewes. I continued training with highly respected senior teachers such as Cliff Andrews and helped to assist training at the Shiatsu College.

I now practice Shiatsu at the Matlock Therapy Centre in Derbyshire. I continue to practice Tai Chi, Chi Gung and meditation for my own health and practice development. Experience of over twenty years of energy development exercises help develop my practice, understanding and skills as a Shiatsu practitioner.

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