Revive Shiatsu

Shiatsu with an MRSS Qualified Practitioner

Shiatsu in Derbyshire with Revive Shiatsu Practice

Shiatsu is:

  • a physical therapy that supports and strengthens the body's own natural ability to heal itself, but also works on emotional, psychological and spiritual levels
  • a holistic therapy using traditional Chinese acupressure points for improved health and sense of well being
  • generally a very relaxing experience, which treats a wide range of health and stress related conditions
  • good as a preventative care measure for health, as part of a balanced lifestyle
  • a good place to start if you wish to make changes to your lifestyle

Generally speaking, Shiatsu can

  • improve energy levels
  • relieve tension and stress
  • be deeply relaxing for your whole system
  • help aid sleep

A Shiatsu treatment involves

  • being fully clothed during the treatment
  • use of comfortable pressure through touch using thumbs and palms
  • the practitioner listening to the responses of the body, working to balance and restore flow to its energy for optimum health
  • receiving a treatment laying on the floor, with cushions and blankets for comfort. If needed, shiatsu can be received on a massage table or chair
Diagram of acupuncture points