Revive Shiatsu

Shiatsu with an MRSS Qualified Practitioner


Do I have to be ill to receive Shiatsu?

No, Shiatsu can be received for relaxation, as a process of self discovery and awareness, or for its own sake. Shiatsu can help alleviate symptoms of longstanding illness. It may be best to rest during the acute stages of an illness but helpful to receive Shiatsu while in recovery.

Can I receive Shiatsu while on medication?

Yes, it is safe to do so, but it is helpful to make the practitioner aware of medical conditions.

I'm pregnant, can I receive Shiatsu?

Yes, it is a safe therapy to receive during pregnancy, after the first trimester.

Can Shiatsu help with ongoing or incurable illness?

Shiatsu may help ease symptoms of an illness, as well as supporting you in how you cope with your illness and pain.

I cannot lay on the floor, can I still have Shiatsu?

Yes, it is possible to adapt Shiatsu to a massage table or chair and cushions are always used for comfort.

Will I have to change my lifestyle?

No, a practitioner respects your lifestyle and choices. She may offer simple recommendations which you are free to take up or not as you prefer.

What is Chi?

Chi is the life force energy understood by Oriental philosophy to pervade all life.Within the human body it can be felt as an energy field and greater balance brings greater health.

What are meridians?

They are the energy pathways in the body that Chi runs through, generally relating to the different organs and systems of the body. A shiatsu perspective encompasses a broader range of understanding to these systems and organs than just on a physiological level. For example a reference to Spleen may be around needing support.

How does the Shiatsu diagnosis work?

The practitioner feels for the quality of energy in the abdomen and the areas most out of balance in order to guide the treatment in which areas need the most support and work.

Is Shiatsu massage?

No, not exactly, as it does not work just with the muscle system. The effect of the pressure works on a deep level and has a different understanding and effect. It is a stand alone system in this sense.

Is Shiatsu healing?

Shiatsu techniques tend to trigger the body to bring about it's own natural healing capacity. A practitioner may work with their own energy development and sense of Chi in their hands, but do not 'channel' Chi as in Reiki for example.

Can Shiatsu be harmful?

Shiatsu techniques are generally very safe and gentle, listening to your body and its responses. The deep relaxation that can result is very healing. There are generally no ill effects from a treatment, although you may occasionally experience a 'healing reaction' immediately after a treatment (feeling emotional, tiredness, headache or nausea from toxins being released). This will pass in a short time and you feel greater wellbeing as a result.

How is Shiatsu connected to self development?

The mindful nature and process of Shiatsu can help bring you become more sensitive to the subtle changes in your own energy. You can develop a deeper connection to your self and insights in awareness of where you are in your own path and in life. Should you wish to, Shiatsu can offer a sense of support and a vehicle to explore the dynamics in your life.