My intention in writing this blog

To offer ways to incorporate healthful practice into a busy every day life.

To share ideas and practices from Shiatsu and meditation work.

To share personal insights and understandings I have found beneficial.

To use common sense language to bring down to earth what may sound like far fetched concepts.

I claim not to be a guru or expert, but share insights from 20 years of inner work in case it is useful to anyone else’s meditation journey.

Shiatsu works with the energy of the organs as seen from a Chinese Medicine theory perspective The energy in our organs resonate out through our lives. By supporting an organ we support it’s function in our lives.

These ideas are by way of a toolbox to use in everyday life. I fit these in round a normal everyday life, generally to be happier!

I share experiences and ideas as honestly as I can. All efforts undertaken as a result are taken at the reader’s own risk and responsibility.

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